How I financed this film

Well it isn’t going to need a lot of finance really – but there are a couple of bits of hardware that I’ll need to acquire, not the least of which is a camera – which I was able to buy today, from the proceeds of selling these:

Golden Mean Calipers – created with the invaluable help of – who helped me with the prototyping etc… they started out laser-cut, now in the process of being water-cut.

I was selling a couple of them a week, but then Make Magazine (who will get a credit in the film, as will Ponoko) helped by featuring them in their blog – and in the last week they’ve generated enough income to buy a thing capable of doing this:

Which is enough to get away with I think. It does the rolling-shutter thing (which I actually quite like)…

… but which other people don’t, and it’s digital, so I’m going to have to learn how to do the “soft (proper country) darkness” than film does so well… but…

… it’s begun.

If you’d like to help out (there are a couple of other bits and bobs that will be needed)… and acquire yourself a rather beautiful bit of artistic gadgetry made by The Famous Nick Taylor, hammering and polishing in his shed etc… you can buy the calipers above here.

Go on – you know you want to. You’ll be able to tell people – “yea – the money from these actually went towards funding this movie from New Zealand – made by the brother of the guy who made Treebeard off Lord of the Rings. It’s on the Internet. Good film – in an unnervingly random sort of way. God knows what they were smoking at the time. Scary really.”


  • Josh @ Ponoko 03.31.10

    Thanks for the shout-out Nick! It’s fantastic to see that your Golden Mean Calipers are now doing so well, and awesome that we were able to assist you in prototyping them.

    All the best for this film-making venture!

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  • Jon 04.22.10

    I saw your calipers a while back but just read Ponoko’s blog about the story behind them… a very creative means of producing some financing. Enjoy the camera and look forward to seeing the calipers making a cameo somewhere in your film ;-)

    Jon @